Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beginners (Level 1) Yoga

I balanced my evening with tabla and yoga, by taking the 5:45 pm level 1 class with Nina. When I started at Sunset yoga, I never took any level 1 classes, just went right to level 2. Nuvana taught me level 1 in a short few months at her house. So coming back to Level 1 yesterday night was refreshing, its always great to re-learn the basics and Nina is excellent in walking you through them. I thoroughly enjoyed re-learning how to properly stand in tadasana, using blocks between your arms in urdhva-hastasana -- yes Nina that really did feel like doing yoga weights!!. I also realized how much I had progressed in my practice in 2 years, how far I had come and how much I understood about the rotation, the push and pull of various muscles. That felt encouraging and good. I would really encourage all you advanced yogis to re-visit level 1. Its refreshing!

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