Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This touched my heart

I was browsing through CNN and found this video of Guruji. In July/August 2007 I was in Pune for work and was blessed to be allowed to take intermediate classes at the Iyengar Center. CNN visited around that time to interview Guruji and here is the link for the interview. I saw the interview. I was really touched by his experience of racism in the 50s in the UK and US as he strived to introduce yoga to the world. When I watched the interview I got emotional because its a struggle many of us have experienced who have come to the west from the east. What is so inspiring is that this struggle has only produced a profound change for the betterment of the world and Guruji really strived to make yoga popular around the world.

And look where this country has come -- its likely that the next president of the United States will either be an African American or a female. 31 million americans practice yoga. I have met guruji once in person in the basement library. I begged my way one Sunday in May 2006 to meet him. The center was closed but they let me in and I tried the props in the main hall. I was just a novice. I went to the basement library and there he was. I was in shock. He was so polite. I told him about my story and he gave me advice on how to deal with my high eye pressures (and yes they have come down since I started practicing yoga). I touched his feet and cried. It felt like I had come home -- finally! Enjoy the interview.

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