Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why no yoga today?

My life has been quite stressful lately. I am debating ... do I do it today or do I go to Nina's class today at 5:45 pm or take the Saturday early AM class. I have decided on an alternative. Why not go for a massage instead today and attend the Saturday class? Recently I have been going for a 90 min massage when I am REALLY stressed out. I go to a place called Angelic Healing Hands ( The massuese (Jeremy) practices a combination of swedish, deep tissue, shiatsu, and "martial arts stretching". The stretching part is what is amazing. Some of the stretches are similar to yoga stretches, like the leg folding in a "virasana" This is a great stretch for the legs, thighs and ankles. I will talk more about various massages that are helpful in keeping your mind, body and soul fit. I have experienced numerous types in India. My lingering back-ache by the way has not come back yet. Just from one evening of Yoga on Monday. So all of you who are reading this blog who have not tried, please find an Iyengar Yoga studio like and try it.

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