Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Run out of gas! A life lesson in patience and calm disposition

For the second time in my life and twice in 12 months my gas guzzler SUV ran out of gasoline. And this time, I was driving downhill! You can imagine the panic as the engine cut off with no warning and the despair as I was going to be late for a meeting at work. I was upset at myself. I knew I needed to fill up the night before. I drove by a gas station, but laziness and curiosity to determine how many miles I could get out of the car drove me straight home.

So here I am parked on the shoulder lane frustrated that I will be stuck for at least an hour till I get road side assistance. Last time this happened the car had to be towed. Could things get any worse? Is my life headed to a continuous stream of problems and challenges. Will it ever end?

Notwithstanding, I took a deep breath, called road side assistance, and pulled out my IPhone to get on to the blogosphere. I have been following Skeptic Yogi journey of yoga and life especially her recent experience with a yoga retreat. She had a post thanking the universe for where she is in her life - and sounds like she is in a good place and she is genuinely making an effort to learn to be in a place of peace and tranquility, through introspection, yoga and blogging.

She thanked me and others she has virtually met through the blog world in her post. The impatience and despair dissipated as I read her post. The calm disposition returned. Sometimes when you think you have run out of gas and are at the end of your rope, a moment like this reminds you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Road side assistance is on its way, and you will get 2 gallons at least to get you to the next filling station. Life will move ahead wherever you want to take it - you just need to be patient and calm!


The Yogi

P.S. Before I could finish this post, road side assistance arrived - in less than 30 minutes! I was on my way to work. So patience paid off and the universe took care of me. Once I arrived at work - I had to face yet another negative attack from a war-monger. It has become a daily routine, though it had been quiet on that front for a the last few days.

I learnt have become indifferent to such attacks. Yoga continues to help me to drop my sail down, not show up for war and detach from such negativity in life. Thank you Nina Pileggi - your words of wisdom from the Yoga Sutras have become pillars of strength in my life.


Candice said...

You can only get there as fast as you can get there. Or better yet, you can only get there when you get there.
It doesn't fit into life's expectations sometimes, or our personal timelines, but I try to remember that when I'm running late, and more often than not, I can be calm and still get there in a reasonable amount of time. The world does not, indeed, fall apart because I'm 10 minutes late! (I have to repeat this often when I'm late!)

Theyoginme said...

Candice, so true but in this event calmness was really needed to counteract the stress of the event and the negativity surrounding stressful events. Being late was just a side effect - the stress was around why I did that to myself, and the hassle that came with it.