Friday, June 20, 2008

Advanced Yoga with Terry - Pranayam Relaxes and Energizes

I attend Terry Peterson's level 3 class last Friday. His quality of teaching is immaculate and he engages you in the best possible way and you don't feel intimidated - especially being the most inexperienced level 3 yogi in class with the least flexibility. Given the tightness of my hamstrings and quads, it is not possible to for me to perform a perfect Supta Virasana. This is a pose that I am continually getting more engaged in along with a simple Virasana. With continued practice I find I can perform Virasana for a longer period of time without hurting my ankles. Supta Virasana is back-bend that reaches back to the floor. I can only bend 30%, so I need support of at least two bolsters and 2 blankets. I have been performing this way for some time.

Terry corrected me in his own gentle - asking me if I needed some help with setup. How could I refuse help! He used a different set of support. He pulled in a chair and placed it upside down. Then place one bolster at a 120 degree angle. Then placed a blanket on the bolster for additional support. Then asked me to lie back on it in Virasana position. Wow! It felt great and you could finally feel the pose. Terry and his cool yoga tricks! You can see them all in the book Cool Yoga tricks by Miriam Austin. Many of those tricks are performed by him together with Nuvana.

We ended this great session with about 10 minutes of pranayama in sitting pose. He showed us how to use the fingers of your right hand to gently hold the nose while breathing out in Pratiloma pranayama. We also performed sitting Viloma inhalation. This session was so invigorating and energizing, I couldn't close my eyes during Shavasana. Terry said its ok to have your eyes open during this pose - the purpose of Shavasana is to calm your mind down.

That's powerful! If you can really reach your inner mind i.e if you can truly be in Shavasana your eyes cease to be a cause of interference and distraction to your mind. You can really detach from the noise. Reaching your inner mind is the best way to detach from noise in your life. That is the essence of yoga.



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