Sunday, June 8, 2008

Neutral and Indifferent - They are two sides of the same coin!

As I continue my journey with Yoga, these two qualities or attributes have become exceedingly important to me. Indifference and neutrality allow me to accept challenges, things that may otherwise bother me, difficulty, and stress in a whole new way. I can detach more easily and that helps with regulating the stress.

I have been thinking all day about these two attributes, as I am challenged by the universe to be neutral and indifferent to situations that are hurtful and bothersome. They come my way daily and are extremely stressful. I have come to the conclusion that both these attributes are necessary in order to create and maintain detachment from this stress created by ego and negativity. Neutrality and Indifference must coexist. They are two sides of the same coin.

Ego is the big trap door to negativity. Avoidance of ego is the best way to avoid negativity. Neutrality and Indifference are the vaccines you need to fight the disease of ego. Inoculate yourself with neutrality and indifference by practicing yoga frequently. I know it makes a huge difference.


The Yogi

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