Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Negativity - Don't rent it space in your head!

This came my way from someone who read my blog. Thanks. I think it makes so much sense. I have added my own thoughts to it.

There are only a dozen negative people in the world but the problem is that they move around a lot. Negative people are stress carriers but the only way they can pass on their stress is if you rent them space in your head.

If you want to allocate neural real estate to the comments of other people then keep a good memory store of all the positive feedback you have received from friends and contacts.The best way to defuse a negative comment is to transpose it on to a mental picture of your tombstone and to see if it still carries any sting.

If you view things in a whole-of-life way then what seems big at the time will shrink to appropriate insignificance. Try it ... it works.

I feel strongly that Negative Emotions carry with you to your next life. If you believe in reincarnation - then put your focus on positive emotions and do everything in your life that puts the positive emotions over the negative emotions. Be indifferent to negativity and negative carriers around you. Don't give it the space in your mind or life. With yoga you can balance your emotions and intelligence i.e. your head with your heart. The balance allows you to think more clearly, be more neutral, so you can create the space in your mind to bring calm positive feelings which helps to over power the stress that comes from negativity that may surround you.

May you bring more positive thoughts to your mind by not allowing negativity space in your mind and life. Just be indifferent to them. That's the best way. According to Nina that is what sage Patanjali says in the sutras and that is what Gehlek Rimpoche says in his book Good Life Good Death.


The Yogi


Scotsman said...

How true!
Just as you, the non-smoker is affected, when you are in a room where people are smoking, so too, if you are constantly with toxic people, who are always generating negative energy,get negative vibrations. Hence, as far as possible try to avoid negative people. Toxic people are the second external stress factor because their thoughts, their beliefs will permeate you.


Theyoginme said...

Scotsman, You just made this more clear by rewording negativity as toxic. You are corrrect - its toxic folks that bring the negative or toxic energy and this energy can really drain you and drag you down. Yoga twists are very effective in removing toxicity from your organs, yoga back bends are very effective in eliminating the negative stress that builds up because of the toxicity in your life. I deal with such toxicity both at professionally and personallly and I have found a combination of yoga, avoidance of toxic people,detachment and neutrality simply puts this toxicity at bay.