Sunday, February 24, 2008

Supta padangusthasana - Sciatic and Gluteal Muscle Pain Killer

"The pain" - it don't go away, but pain it coming down, and it did in a remarkable way this Friday after the yoga therapy session with Nuvana. We tried a wall and belt supported suptapadangusthasan for nearly an hour and the pain subsided signficantly. Every week a different pose has a different effect. Two weeks ago I couldnt even lift up the left leg. So it seems like as you progress through this journey of pain, different poses create the impact of lessening the pain. What a concept! I observe, I bear and I understand my body more and more... So with some help I created a video for you to watch. There is some raw footage of another pose I did two weeks ago with Nuvana that had made an impact. Some kid yogini videos for fun. Enjoy the music and may love and peace be the center of your life.


The Yogi

Yoga Therapy Video:

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