Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gluteal pain -- in physical therapy

I have been off regular yoga classes, but continued my yoga therapy on my own and since last Sunday the pain had subsided quite a bit. It was helping but not eliminating the pain. My physician suggested physical therapy. I was fortunte to find a therapist who is a also a certified anusura yoga teacher and has also done a fair amount of Iyengar. I had an enlightening meeting with her today. I have been so absorbed with the elections and work, I have no energy to write about my experience today with her, but it was eye opening and it gave me a deeper appreciation of being a yogi and being self aware of my body and my muscles and what I have been doing to self correct the problems I am having. She has given me two exercises and within 15 minutes of doing those exercises I felt even better. I have become even more self aware since this morning. Not to become too philosophical about this, but yoga does do the body good, but self awareness does the soul even better. May your day bring you much peace and love, as no money in the world can buy you that. It comes from self awareness!



Mark said...

Hello Namaste, Yoga surely is good for the body. I have used it on and off for over thirty years.

I am not sure what you mean by self awareness in the context you write but I would say yoga is also good for getting back into the simple sensation of the body and out of the often troublesome mind. It's a form of meditation isn't it, albeit a moving one.

I am sure you are aware this is the principle behind the union that the word yoga refers to? Union with the body through the sensation. That quiets the mind.


Theyoginme said...

Mark, your comment "yoga is also good for getting back into the simple sensation of the body and out of the often troublesome mind" is exactly what I had intended to mean when I used the words "self awareness". Maybe not the best choice of words to describe my intention. Body awareness perhaps would have been better. I think I am much more aware of how my body responds to the various asanas, and how to self correct problems...

Thanks for commenting