Saturday, February 23, 2008

Physical therapy for Gluteus Muscle and Sciatic Pain

My next step in this pain saga moved on to getting some physical therapy. About a week and half ago I saw Emily at Bethany Physical Therapy
She is also a certified yoga teacher with experience in Iyengar and Anusura style. At my last visit this Thursday the following happened.

My left hip seemed to have rotated forward and right hip backwards and the muscles around it have strained/inflamed causing these shooting pains down my leg. She helped re-align with some posture adjustments and then the following exercises were recommended (and I reproduce with her permission)

1. Paraspinal Release with Left Obliques
a. Place both fo palms on a 3-4 inch block and place your feet directly in front of you.
b. Pull your shoulder blades down and ack and dig both of your heels into the floor as you bring your hip up and off the floor by pushing through your arms.
c. Once u lift up round your back by tucking your bottom up or in
d. Then side bend your trunk to the left so that you left hip comes up. Pelvis is turned to the right. Abdominal muscles are engaged
e. Maintain firm contact with your right arm and right leg so that you feel your right inner thigh
f. Hold the position for 4-5 deep breaths
g. Repeat 2 more time per day.

2. Standing Un-resisted Wall Reach
This is similar to an Utkanasana but with your bottom on the wall for support support, arms not raised but touching your knees and the back rounded as you take 4 deep breaths expanding you back as you inhale and then reaching forward on your knees and legs as your exhale, so you are eventually looking down on your knees.

She recommended hip opening type yoga exercises. So I was back to Nuvana's place on Friday evening for another Yoga Therapy session. And what an amazing change. Please come back for the next post along with a video.


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