Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another inspirational yoga video

Well folks my journey with pain continues. It has subsided but not gone. I will be going through additional physical therapy. Its unclear what is wrong with my leg. I just hope its not a disc problem. I may need an MRI. Whatever it is I know I will overcome. I am in resting mode right now but I keep performing certain stretches that keep the pain in control. I changed my office chair so the back is better supported. So I ramble.....

In moments of pain and despair, I go out searching youtube for enlightening and inspirational videos. I found this one by Jim Bennitt, who teaches tantra-hatha yoga in chicago. I thought was a nice combination of yoga poses and a short discourse on yoga philosophy. May love and peace be the center of your life...


The Yogi

Yoga by Jim Bennitt


Linda (Sama) said...

I know Jim and he's an awesome instructor, I've taken his workshops.

thanks for stopping by my blog! please stop by again -- I've posted his video on my blog.


Linda (Sama) said...

yes, if you want to put me on your blogroll, please do. I will do the same for yours.


Theyoginme said...

Lina email me how I can do that please..