Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yoga - A unison of faith, purpose and suffering to create positive energy

The massive earthquake in China has caused tremendous destruction and pain. In some cities most of the human population has been wiped out. In this destruction today a young girl was found alive. Why was she singled out to live while so many died? Many questions arise in my mind as I try to understand this destruction.

I look to the Buddhist philosophy for answers. Buddha says life is full of suffering. So the end of the life means end to that suffering. Was the destruction from a spiritual standpoint caused by anger and ego, the negative emotions? Could this destruction in China been prevented somehow? Was it fair for this little girl to survive and continue to face life suffering or did she survive because she had positive emotions around her? All those who sadly passed, how many carried the negative emotions with them on to their next incarnation? All these questions propel my mind into deep thought.

Watching this destruction gives me reason for thought and reflection of the turmoil we face every day. We spend so much energy and time on these negative emotions - building them up with ego and anger, which empowers us to become destructive and vengeful. What we forget is that this sense of empowerment is not permanent. A destruction like this earthquake will end that empowerment in an instant. All that would be left is a dead body, a physical relic of oneself and the prana, the conscience, the life force will leave only to be re-incarnated with all the negativity that the mind will carry.

So why do we waste so much energy in negative emotions? I don't have an answer for that. What I do know is that if I can channel that energy into a positive action or thought, I have put one negative karma off my carry list to the next life. So with that thought in mind I am going to practice Adho Mukha Vriksanasana (hand stand) at home tonight and put all my energy to re perfecting it and getting my legs to kick up effortlessly by holding my arms straight and strong. The wall will be my support and guide. I will hold myself up for as long as I can by putting in all the extra effort and energy I have. I will attempt it several times till I tire my body out and then get ready for Savasana. At the conclusion of Savasana, I will pray for those departed souls. I will pray that they carry more positive energy into next life, which is then full of more positive energies and love - as at the end that is all that matters. That is all they will carry to the next cycle of their lives. Everything else material will all be left behind to decay. Thank you Gehlek Rimpoche for enlightening me with your book!


The Yogi

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