Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ego and Anger - The inevitable karma of life

Ever since I have read Rimpoche's book, I have become more observant about these two emotions that cloud our mind and create enormous negativity in our lives. These two emotions are highly destructive. I encounter it daily and I struggle with it myself. Yoga and this blog becomes my outlet to humble myself - to let go of the ego and then anger that comes along with it. I think ego is the source of many problems in our lives. The "I", the "Me" drives this ego.

With ego comes the anger - they are interconnected. Ego naturally leads to anger and anger causes the negative emotions which lead to strife, battles, war and destruction. When my ego is challenged or hurt, I get angry and upset. I wish to retaliate - but the inner mind wakes up and questions this urge to retaliate. The yogi in me puts a period at the end of the sentence that ends in retaliation. You slowly let go of this ego, the anger dissipates and the urge to retaliate goes away.

I realize the ego and anger are inevitable part of our karma in this life. We cannot avoid them. They are easy to pop out. We just need to learn to catch this burning hot toast as it pops out of the toaster and dump it into the trash can. The more we do it, the less would we be inclined to feel challenged and hurt, and less will ego and anger pop out of the toaster. So as I calm myself of this ego and anger and type this blog, I wish the same for you. May there be less ego and anger in your life as well. Thank you Gehlek Rimpoche!


The Yogi

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