Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rebirth of Consciousness - there are no coicidences!

According to Rimpoche life may end with death of the body but the mind and consciousness never ends. It lives on, and is reborn perpetually in physical life. I don't think the rebirth is limited to physical life. There are many things in life that have a beginning and end. Today my kids and I fly out to see a new born life, the first grandson in our family. A new consciousness has arrived in this world. My girls are excited and have been awaiting this event.

It was an ironic day. Something in my life ended - it was not a physical death, but it was an end of a part of my life that was very important. I never wanted it to end, but I had no control over it. So as that part of my mind and consciousness ended coincidentally a new life came into this world.

I have always felt that there are no coincidences life. This beginning and end of life, real or abstract was no coincidence. It was one of the saddest days of my life and then a happy moment to hear the news of this birth. The universe has its own mysterious ways to bring some joy in the deepest moments of sadness. Its all part of the recycling of this universal consciousness. So when there is deep sadness in your life, accept it and hope for that moment of joy. It might just be right around the corner waiting to be born again.


The Yogi

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you had a loss today. I think I know what you're referring to, but in general we have to take time to moarn each loss in our lives and feel the hurt that accompanies it, then accept what is, and then move on.

I wish you a short and painless recovery from your loss, and many congrats on your new family member!