Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yoga for Cold, Sore throat and Cough - Back to Basics

Yesterday was back to the basics with my personal yoga session with Nuvana. The knee problem is under control but I have been off yoga for a week while I as away to Chicago. We focused our attention on my lost ability to kick up to Adho Mukha Vrksanasana. We tried several arm strengthening positions and then hand positions as well, looking at ways to focus the weight on the palms and off the wrists, which get painful quickly. No kick up luck - I was thinking too much.

Then we worked on the sirsasana balancing techniques. I have yet to experience this in any of the classes I take at Sunset. We practiced away from the wall and Nuvana went through the subtle positions of the hands, the little fingers, the wrists, and pushing the shoulders in. I never kicked up. The legs were in half sirsasana position with feet firmed against the wall and I spent time just holding firm in the tripod position and just using my arms and shoulders. We ended with a chair sarvangasana and supported halasana...

I have been suffering from a cold and sore throat for a week. She told me to practice Sarvangasana and Setubhand for my cold and Ananta Asana for cough. I need to get my halasana bench assembled and start my home practice again.


The Yogi


Michael said...

Dear Yogi,

I love your blog and eagerly anticipate every entry. It sounds like you have a busy job which does not allow you to practice daily. Try doing 10 minutes in scraps of time between flights and meetings. You can do gomukhasana arms and patchimanamaskar while standing in line for something. You can sit on the floor in baddhakonasana or 1/2 padmasan while using your laptop.

I really appreciate your Pune entries. Keep it up!


Theyoginme said...

Dear Michael, Thanks for your compliment and the suggestions. I will try them. Travel and procrastination are the two culprits. Do you have any other tips. I do some chest openings on a chair while in the office. If I am waiting in line I will pull my arms up with interlocked fingers.