Friday, August 1, 2008

Adios Pune - The Calm within storms!

As I struggle to wrap up my trip to Pune I am consumed by many things - the blunders and the mistakes I made, the learning I achieved and not the least the work challenges - phone calls back to the office in Portland with arguments with a senior staffer on miniscule items, keeping my high maintenace sales people focused and off their ego, countless meeting with my Pune staff to inspire and challenge them.....

I dealt with many challenges, including sleepless nights, jet lag, sleep deprivation with 4 am phone calls and last but not the least my flight from Mumbai being cancelled due to a Lufthansa strike. I have no idea if I will get home on the 5th. I am now awaiting to hear back from my travel agent - its 1130 pm. I have been awake for nearly 18 hours and I feel like I could go on for another 8. And with all this craziness I held on to my yoga practice commuting 30 mins to an hour every day to RIMYI since July 22nd, except for the last two days, as the sacrum pain required I just rest.

Somehow I got the energy to do all this. To top it all off, I just read my earlier post and realized what blunders I made in my writing. The last paragraph on Skeptic Yogi says it all - I simply lost control of my writing. I was embarrassed first and then just laughed my head off. I made desperate attempts to change the post, but blogger will not let change. I could have deleted the post, but I am just tired of fighting with blogger to fix the words. My apologies if anything in that post is offensive. Please just see the humor in it.

So on this note, I sign off from Pune. My staff asked me when I would be back next - I replied "I going to leave that to my karma"!


The Yogi

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