Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 2 in Pune - Enjoying the ambiance

April 13, 2008. 1 am IST

Its 1 am and I am jet-lagged. I wake up to complete silence and quiet. Its in the middle of the night and the chatter outside, the honking of horns, the traffic, the chirping of the birds all subsided to a complete quiet silence. Its meditative and hypnotic. I feed myself some toast and tea. I missed my first class yesterday evening. I slept through it after a nice sumptuous lunch with my hosts, Neena and Manu Sahani. We had a pleasant conversation about Iyengar Yoga, the center, Geetaji, Guruji - they are both practitioners of Iyengar Yoga, technology business, life. I climb the three floors upto my room and crash.

I crash back again only to wake up at 5 am. Its time for a walk to explore, observe and experience my first real day in Pune.

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