Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 14 in Pune - Great yoga with Gulnaaz and Rememberence Day for Mother

April 25th 2008

April 25th is a day I will always remember and cherish. Its the day the person who gave me birth was born. She would have been 73 years today. Her birth name was Swadesh (meaning freedom, given to her by her parents as a symbol of the freedom movement in India in the 1930s). Her married name became "Seema" which means limit or boundary but she was limitless and there were no boundaries in her generosity, compassion, love and care for others. She taught me how to be patient, persevere and have hope as there was always light at the end of the tunnel. She taught me to be sweet and kind. In moments of torment and struggle, she would say "leave it to god" as everything will work out as you wish and not to ever give up hope. Though highly educated with a double masters, a degree in law, she chose to stay home and be a housewife.

She was determined and ambitious but she put that aside to be there for her kids, her husband and his extended Indian family. That was the tradition. She would always be there for anyone in pain, trouble and sorrow and was sought after to mediate and solve problems for everyone in the family. She garnered huge respect and love from all. She faced many struggles in life, her father passed away when she was only 13. She along with her younger brother ran the family business as teenagers. She lost him young when he was only 41. She held my father's hand for 20 years after he became blind and sacrificed more to make sure that I and my siblings could build a future out of India. She was determined and she made it happen.
She died suddenly in 2004. She had been very ill for a few years and suffered much pain. But I know she passed on happy and in peace, knowing that despite the challenges she faced all her life, she was respected by all and loved dearly by her husband and children and grandchildren, and all her sacrifices brought her a few years of happiness and joy at the end. It is her death that was a catalyst for me to seek out my own spiritual path and I am who am because of the limitless, courageous, determined and loving "Seema". She will always be there in my heart and my family, especially my younger girl who calls her Mumma.
So today as I attended my final class with Gulnaaz - it was a happy and funny class and a relaxing day after 3 days of upheaval with my health. Gulnaaz pushed us hard, but she was also very attentive to the students and especially me. I had trouble with my handstand and Pinch Mayur Asana. She even wise cracked on me -"Sirji are you still alive there - don't give up trying". I didn't and I struggled, but I got a few jumps. At the end there was Pranayama - Ujai and Viloma. It brought much needed relaxation. My blood pressure has stabilized. I bid her good bye. She was happy to have an eager student who had so much enthusiasm. It was a fun class and yes just like my mother I am determined to get those poses perfected over time. I feel her presence around me and in my heart. She still continues to encourage me to face life with courage and compassion and to do my best and leave it upto god for the rest. I hope all who read this will do the same.

I love you mother!


The Yogi

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Teach Children's Yoga said...

A beautiful tribute to your mother. Thanks for the reminder.