Sunday, April 16, 2017

Beginning of a new Circle

After Guruji's passing in 2014 my journey of yoga on this blog abruptly came to an end. I left yoga (at least physically) and due to cervical spine surgery I receded from regular practice..The fear and lethargy took over. While it wasn't a logical reason, that journey of my life was concluding and a new one was beginning (We will get to that eventually). I had no idea what I had written in all these years but a chapter got closed and I closed the book and moved on...till today. Someone had been quietly reading the 169 posts I had written in a span of 5 years and I had no idea I had written that much and that some day someone would remind me of what I had written.

So much has happened in the quiet of these last three years. My life has been propelled in a new direction, a direction I feel is far more meaningful. My munchkins have grown up into loving, confident and beautiful young women.  The pain has transcended into fulfillment of my time with them. There is contentment and I learned to enjoy every bit of the time I have with them and despite my limited time with them I  know these two young women will carry on into amazing lives. It made all the pain worthwhile.

So one of these munchkins has been reading my blogs and today inspired me to re-open
the book and write a new page (I will let you ponder, wonder and guess which one). While I may have temporarily left yoga, yoga never left me.. I am crawling back Nuvana... be patient!!!


The Yogi

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