Saturday, August 21, 2010

Are you awake?

On my way to an Iyengar yoga class on the L muni line.
Attending a class with David Sirgany, an Iyengar teacher I had the pleasure of meeting at Gurujis 90th birthday celebration in India. I am thinking how my life has evolved in the last 4 years. What has yoga done to my life?

Yoga simply has brought me some clarity of thought and mind. Perhaps I deal with my stress and pain better. Perhaps I'm more compassionate. Perhaps more tranquil. But I'm just me. I just want peace and neutrality but then at the same time I don't want "anything" - I just want nothing.

What is nothing? Empty space ? That space between inhalation and exhalation or space between the vertebrae in my spine. Or the space in the sky filled with zillions of stars. I don't know what nothing means but I want it but then I don't want anything either. So here I am hanging in "space" and I'm wide awake.


P.S. The class with David was energizing. A lot of chest openings through back bends..Then a couple who recently starting doing Iyengar Yoga and drove all the way from Sacramento to take this class, pulled me into the dumpling place after the class. It was delicious and divine and the conversation was wonderful...I was fully awake and in complete bliss.

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