Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Restart Refresh Unblock

I have been away for sometime. I locked up my blog for a while. I apologize for shutting the door suddenly. Sometimes you need to shut the door so you are safe from the outside. Nearly a month ago the Iyengar family which included Geetaji arrived in Portland for the US national Iyengar yoga conference. I had the pleasure to serve them. I had never spoken to Geetaji till now, though I have taken classes with Abhi, guruji's grand daugther, who was also here along with Sunitaji and her better half Parthaji. It was great to see some of my teachers from Pune including Rajlakshmi and Gulnaz and reconnect with Mondira and Zubin.

I had always maintained a respectful distance with my teachers in Pune, but during their stay I had a chance to open the doors of my heart, spend time with them showing them around our beautiful, and absorb the amazing positive energy that was all around this family and teachers from Mumbai and Pune. I was blessed that my munchkins had a chance to spend time with them as well. It was truly and honor and we all felt very blessed to have their presence for a few days. It was great to make new friends including Chris Stein and Gloria Goldberg.


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