Saturday, July 12, 2008

The wall ropes of Iyengar Yoga - Extension and Therapy

Sunset Yoga finally got the ropes hung in the studio and it was just heaven to take the advanced class last Monday with many of the poses performed using the ropes. I have done rope Sirsasana and Adho Mukha Svanasana in Pune and at Nuvana's place before, but this involved additional poses including Trikonasana and its variations. You simply get a different feeling when you hang upside down and you experience a whole new level of extension with the ropes. I found I could extend better during my Wednesday class in many of the forward bends.

At my Friday home practice with Nuvana I complained about my knees hurting while trying to be in Utkatasana position. She immediately got me to lie down on my tummy with a blanket folded and my knees partially resting on the blanket. She put a rope around the calf and then move it down so it positioned right behind the knee. She started pushing the foot down slowly towards the back, in a position you would start a Dhanurasana with and then pulled the rope back with her foot, and kept pushing it till you said stop. A few rounds of this motion and the knees were released and back in position. The pain was gone.

This is the magic of the ropes and Nuvana. On another note my yoga teacher Nina Pileggi has started her India blog where she plans to chronicle her journey while in Pune for the month of August. I hope there will be a lot of learning in this journey of hours that she will share with us. Visit


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Enjoy some videos on using ropes in Iyengar Yoga:

Wall Ropes for Yoga Poses -- powered by

Wall Ropes for Yoga Stretches -- powered by

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