Thursday, September 4, 2008

First there is a mountain

My cold and sore throat got worse and I finally had to see my doctor yesterday. Antibiotics! Yesterday was extremely painful. I needed to be at work and by the end of the day my whole body was aching and I had extreme discomfort on my sitting bones and sacrum. I tried to stay away from Tylenol all day to see if I could just withstand the body ache. At the end of the day I hit the gym sauna and steam room to relax. I tried some hot - anatasana. All I got were uncontrollable burbs! I tried some hot soup at a vege only fusion Asian place. No relief! It was time for Tylenol (1000 mgs) and an early night. I noticed a book at my door step when I got home... "First there is a mountain" by Elizabeth Kadetsky, a former Iyengar student and a journalist. I couldn't keep it down.... I read it from start to finish...more to come...


The Yogi

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